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One Verandah

One Verandah

Update: 16:18:47 04-07-2018


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 The last riverfront residential development in Thanh My Loi, District 2.

Thanh My Loi is a very potential place for property investment. This area is considered to be the newly-formed administrative center of district 2. However, it's quite a pity that since quarter 3 this year there has been no remarkable project launched in Thanh My Loi.

One Verandah, which is an upcoming project developed by Maple Tree, will strongly push the property market in this area, especially when the construction of the link bridge over Diamond Island officially starts (to be put in operation at the end of 2019).

Recently many investors have been hunting real estate in this area. Buyers have been waiting for One Verandah since the beginning of 2017 and finally now it is going to be officially launched to the market, around end of this year.

In this article, we will go through the following key points:

1. The values that One Verandah will bring to its residents in the future.

2. Is One Verandah's quality as good as it is advertised?

3. One Verandah selling price compared to the surrounding projects (before and after the launch of Diamond Island - a project by Kusto Group)

4. How will the link bridge over Diamond Island change the property market in the area when completed?

5. How will your investment return be like if you buy One Verandah?

6. Key information about the project.


1.The values that One Verandah will bring to its residents in the future.

One first thing about One Verandah that I personally like is that it is surrounded by the big rivers. There are not many residential developments in Saigon that can bring their residents this advantage.

+ The project has 4 frontages, adjacent to Diamond Island right across Thu Thiem peninsula. The living space is very fresh and cool, especially in the evening time, its residents can relax in a peaceful space with the beautiful city view across the river.

+ The apartment design optimizes riverfront when 80% of the total units have large balconies and unobstructed river views.

+ High-end quality of living, optimal for each of its resident with the absolute comfort and safety.

+ One Verandah is of Singapore style and standard, large units with natural light and wind.

+ 8000 square meters are used for amenities serving all ages, providing comfortable life for residents from entertainment, health care, dining, shopping, etc.

If you buy One Verandah to live, it will be an excellent choice.

2. Is One Verandah's quality as good as it is advertised?

Maple Tree is a familiar brand to Vietnam real estate market with many remarkable developments in Vietnam such as Saigon South Place in district 7, Richlane Residence, Maple Tree Business Center, SC Vivo City, Kumho Asiana Plaza (Mplaza), CentrePoint, and many other complexes. With a total registered capital of nearly SGD 40 billion, Maple Tree is a great example of power and prestige in the real estate sector.

With the reputation of Maple Tree, buyers can be assured of One Verandah's international standard of quality.

Also, we can look at the nearby projects such as Diamond Island (Kusto Group) or Feliz En Vista and Vista Verde (CapitaLand) to have an idea of how One Verandah will similarly be like because they are in the similar segment.

3. One Verandah selling price compared to the surrounding projects (before and after the launch of Diamond Island)

The selling prices of high-end apartments in Thanh My Loi area launched in the market in 2016 range from USD1,800 to USD2,200 such as Hawaii & Bora Bora tower of Diamond Island (Kusto group) and Cruz tower of Feliz En Vista (CapitaLand).

At the later stages, the selling prices of these two projects have increased quite a lot, up to over USD600 per square meter. Secondary properties in this area have been traded up 35% more less since early 2016.

Currently, the two mentioned luxury apartment projects have been sold out (only Diamond Island still has more than 30 units at Maldives tower - VIP block - selling price starts from USD2,860/sqm before VAT) and there has been a certain amount of successful secondary transactions so far.

As predicted by many real estate experts, there is a big chance for property price in Thanh My Loi area to significantly increase. This area is becoming one of the hottest spots for property investment in Saigon.

Comparing the launching price of One Verandah with the neighboring projects:

  • Projects which are USD350 to USD1,100/sqm higher than One Verandah: Secondary price of Diamond Island, Feliz En Vista and Waterina Suites (more than USD3,000/sqm)
  • Projects which are priced equally to or 5-10% lower than One Verandah: Vista Verde - completed (CapitaLand) & Victoria Village (Novaland).
  • In terms of location, only Diamond Island is superior to One Verandah.
  • In terms of quality and project planning, One Verandah is not at all worse than the mentioned projects. Compared to many, it's even better.

Considering the launching time of One Verandah (end of this year), the selling price starting from USD2,000/sqm to USD2,500/sqm (before VAT) is quite reasonable.

4. How will the link bridge over Diamond Island change the market in the area when it is completed?

As mentioned, from the beginning of 2016 until now the price of high-end apartments has increased to 35%. And it is expected that the link bridge over Diamond Island to be completed in 2019 will push the price of properties here up more than 30% compared to the current time. This strategic bridge will bring Thanh My Loi area to its true value in terms of traffic as it helps to connect the area to Mai Chi Tho Street, which is way more convenient than the current connection with Dong Van Cong street (into Cat Lai port), shorten the time to CBD to 10 minutes instead of 20-30 minutes as now.


One Verandah by Mapletree


In the period from late 2017 to early 2018 this area is going to have a lot of changes when a big deal of available land will be used for high-end residential developments. The urban appearance of the new administrative center of district 2 will significantly change in the next few years when the projects come into operation such as Vista Verde, Feliz En Vista, Diamond Island, Waterina Suites, etc. and the low-level townhouses & villas.

5. How will your investment return be like if you buy One Verandah?

One Verandah will be launched at a time when there is an obvious chance for price appreciation. With the expected potential of the bridge over Diamond Island, till the construction gets started, the selling price of One Verandah will increase sharply.

So, which way is the best to invest in this project?

  • Resell:

There are a lot of investors interested in flipping (resell the property right after signing the sales & purchase agreement - typically after paying 10-30%) but this way of investment is difficult to generate a high profit when the total number of apartments is nearly up to 800 and the chance for the current market price to have a "wow" increase is quite low.

Reselling is only good when the project is completed and around 6 months after residents move in. At that time, the bridge over Diamond Island will also be completed, the development will be filled with high-end residents, the surrounding community will bustle, and the Maple Tree's service of top quality together with the international-standard management company, all those will bring out a great appreciation in the property value. That is when resales should happen.

Capital gain at the time is expected to be up to 40%. Look at these factors:

+ Handover time: Quarter 1/2020 - Buyers only have to pay 50% till then.

+ The "Diamond' bridge with the construction start time in 2019 - The average real estate price in this area will then positively increase at least 30%.

With this solution it is advisable that you use the financial leverage with a loan of about 20% of the property value, then the capital gain will be able to reach 40%.

In short, buying One Verandah (in large quantities) combined with a good financial leverage surely will bring a very high profitability.

  • Renting out:

This option can be combined with the asset accumulation purpose. Under the current payment method, buyer only needs to pay 50% until the handover, so they should get loans from banks with a low interest rate and use the rental income to pay for the interest.

The advantage here is that the reputation of Maple Tree Singapore will attract a strong flow of investment from high-end overseas buyers, so the rental price of its apartment projects will be high. In addition, operating the airbnb business will also bring very good rental yield.

However, it is necessary to know that the average rental yield in HCMC is around 6-8% / year.

6. Key information about the project.

As the last riverfront residential development in Thanh My Loi, District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City, One Verandah comprises of 779 luxurious apartments across 1.7 ha with spectacular views to the Saigon River and the surrounding city. Developed by Maple Tree, a leading Singaporean developer, the development offers 8,000 sqm of facilities including entertainment deck, outdoor fitness station, BBQ pavilion, four seasons pool and tennis court. Every apartment is designed with spacious balcony to maximize natural light.


One Verandah by Mapletree


One Verandah by Mapletree


One Verandah by Mapletree


Excellent location:

  • Address: Thạnh Mỹ Lợi, District 2, HCMC
  • 10 minutes’ drive to new CBD (Thu Thiem)
  • 10 minutes’ drive to CBD
  • 20 minutes’ drive to District 7 and Phu My Hung

Project overview:

  • Developer: Maple Tree (Singapore)
  • Land Size: 1.7 ha
  • 5 towers with 22 floors
  • Phase 1: Jardin & Ciel
  • Parking podium (1st floor – 2nd floor) + entertainment deck (3rd floor) + apartments (4th floor – 22th floor)
  • Number of units: 779 units and shophouses
  • 1 bedroom unit: 55 – 59 sqm
  • 2 bedrooms unit: 77 – 82 sqm
  • 3 bedrooms unit: 107 – 108 sqm
  • Unblocked views of the city and the river
  • Spacious balconies with breath-taking views
  • Naturally ventilated apartments with good natural light

Handover condition

  • Fully-fitted
  • Expected handover: Q1/2020


  • Freehold for Vietnamese and 50 years for foreigners (can be renewable)

Estimated price

  • From 2,100 USD/ sqm (before VAT + sinking fund)


One Verandah by Mapletree


One Verandah by Mapletree


At this stage, developer is collecting refundable bookings. Reach me if you would like to have a property site tour and get further information.

Thanks for reading.