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Update: 10:25:12 16-05-2018


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After the great success of Capitaland's luxury apartment projects which are D'Edge and D1Mension in District 1, Capitaland is going to release the third "superstar" in District 4 with the concept of "The sound of life".

De La Sol is designed in a young, modern style with high utilization for renting. De la Sol is Capitaland's 13th project in Vietnam and is their first project in District 4.

This article includes:

  1. Information on De La Sol Project
  2. Review on De La Sol's location
  3. Top 2 highlights of De La Sol apartment
  4. De La Sol's selling price compared to other projects
  5. How is it to live in De La Sol apartment?
  6. Investment potential at De La Sol
  7. About Developer - Capitaland
  8. Update on De La Sol Sales progress

1. Brief Project Information:

  • Location: Ton That Thuyet street, District 4, HCMC
  • Developer: Capitaland Singapore
  • Investment capital: 4,000 billion VND (approx USD 175,8 Mil)
  • Total land area: 1.45 ha
  • Scale: 3 blocks of 23 floors
  • Type of Development: 880 high-end apartments
  • Amenities: 5-star standard
  • Construction kick-off: Quarter II / 2018
  • Handover time: 2021
  • Price: From $ 2,900 - $ 3500 /sqm

2. Location of De La Sol Project:

DeLaSol project is located at 1 Ton That Thuyet Street, District 4, close to Nguyen Van Cu Bridge. This location in the golden area of District 4, easily connecting to other main streets of District 4 such as Ben Van Don, Hoang Dieu street. 


De La Sol is located in the central planning area of Ho Chi Minh City, which is planned to combine with District 1 into the CBD:

In the last 4 years, we have easily recognized a big change of District 4 with new high-class developments, and a lot of infrastructure to support the traffic, roads are extended for easier connection with the city center. 

Many buyers have chosen District 4 to buy high-end apartments instead of District 7 as the trend a few years ago. As traffic from District 7 to the center is increasingly difficult, District 4 is emerging as a desirable destination.

Routes which have been contributing to the positive change of the district are Ben Van Don, Hoang Dieu, Nguyen Tat Thanh, and Ton That Thuyet street. We've seen a significant number of new nice developments being finished up on these streets, the district looks so different compared to itself just few years ago. 

With the potential of the development plan for the city's CBD core area, projects in District 4 such as Saigon Royal, Lancaster, Milennium, Khanh Hoi port urban area and De La Sol will create a new price range for real estate in this area, bringing the market up to a much higher end. This will also help bring District 4 to the level it's supposed to be at - part of the central business area. 

Traffic connection from De La Sol:

+ De La Sol -> District 1: 5 mins via Cammet bridge/Khanh Hoi bridge/Ong Lanh bridge;

+ De La Sol -> District 5: 4 mins via Nguyen Van Cu Bridge nearby;

+ De La Sol -> District 7: 10 mins via Kenh Te bridge or Tan Thuan bridge; 

Especially, De La Sol is located very close to Nguyen Van Cu bridge, which is the intersection of Kenh Te bridge and Ben Nghe canal, so all apartment units in De La Sol will have nice breeze from the river. 

The location of De La Sol is in the core area of District 4 in the development plan therefore the real estate price here will significantly increase in short term, positively going up to more than USD 3,200/m2 in few months. 

In short, the strength of De La Sol's location is the easy access to CBD only by crossing a bridge, located in the heart of CBD, and adjacent to large rivers.

3. Top 2 highlights of De La Sol apartment:

*** Optimized designs for renting:

De La Sol's design concept is inspired by music - "The sound of life". It symbolizes the dynamic and modern lifestyle of young generation living in the city with the highest speed of developing - Ho Chi Minh. Targeting young business owners and investors looking for impressive rental yield, De La Sol is outstanding in the market thanks to its being unique and highly utilized in design.

De La Sol has a variety of unit types and sizes:

+ 1-bedroom unit: 60 m2

+ 2-bedroom unit: 72-78 m2

+ 3-bedroom unit: 93 m2

+ 2-bedroom Duo: 84 m2

+ 3-bedroom Duo: 100 m2

+ 3-bedroom Trio: 86 m2

All apartments have balconies with stunning views, maximized layouts for natural light and breeze, of Singapore high-end standard. 

Especially, Duo unit is a 2-room apartment with 2 separate keys and entrances. Trio unit is a 3-room apartment with 3 separate keys and entrances. These unit types are specially designed for rental purpose. 

With the impressive growth of airBnb business model in HCMC, the potential of De La Sol is very high when there is not much such supply in the current market, especially in the high-end segment, whereas demand keeps increasing. Duo/Trio apartments with separate keys and entrances, serving the purpose of both living and renting, are very popular in Singapore. Vietnam is still a new market for AirBnb, but CapitaLand is on its way to bring the success of this business model from Singapore to Vietnam by such a strategic plan for De La Sol. 

Delasol Living room

Delasol Master bedroom

Delasol 3-bedroom Kitchen


Delasol Studio bedroom


Delasol Studio kitchen


Delasol 2-bedroom Dining area


Delasol 2-bedroom Kitchen

*** Extremely easy Payment Schedule:

As usual, CapitaLand offers very easy payment terms for their off-plan projects. The whole payment scheme usually lasts for almost 3 years, buyers usually pay only 50% until handover, monthly installments are only from 1% to 1.5%, which is indeed very competitive in the market. 

If buying De La Sol at this time, we only need to pay 10%, and after a period of time Sales and Purchase Agreement will be ready for signing and another 10% will need to be made.

  • Deposit: VND 100 mil (USD 4,400)​
  • End of June 2018: 10%
  • End of January 2019: 10% (signing Sales & Purchase Agreement)
  • 5% every 3 months till September 2020
  • End of 2020: 45% (Handover - Completion time)
  • Pink book: 5%

4. De la sol's selling price compared to other projects:

Price per square meter of De La Sol is now set at $2,800 - $3,000 (before VAT 10%) in the first launch. This price range is highly competitive in District 4, especially in the high-end segment. This price is even lower than Millennium (by Thao Dien Investment) and Lancaster Lincoln (by TTG Holding), whereas it is obviously of higher quality.



De La Sol's selling price seems to be high when compared to the average range in district 4, but it is actually very competitive when we put it in the comparison with projects in the high-end segment. De La Sol has its unique selling points that many other cannot compete. 

De La Sol's selling price is lower than D'edge (a high-end residential development by CapitaLand in Thao Dien District 2 - the expat area), and much lower than D1Mension (another high-end project developed by CapitaLand) which is located very close to De La Sol, on the other side of the canal. 

De La Sol is expected to be able to set a new price level for the property market in district 4, specifically in the high-end segment - more reasonable, more competitive. 

5. How is it to live in De La Sol apartment?

De La Sol is in the high-end segment so its amenities are of 5-star standard.


Luxurious designs in every corner

Common working space



50-meter long infinite swimming pool designed with beautiful lights

Outdoor Sky Theatre

The Beatbox Gym

Press Game Room


High Jump Arena


Multimedia room


 Party House


Maestro Junior Room

Ensemble Canopy


In addition, De La Sol will be managed by the world's leading property management company (Ascott, or equivalent). Residents of De La Sol will be taken care of with world-class services from housekeeping, laundry, to pampering services, spa services, beauty treatments, healthcare, right at home. 

6. Investment potential at De La Sol

- Rental Yield: The biggest potential of De La Sol is rental yield. District 4 is well known as one of the most potential areas for apartment renting. With its location right next to CBD, and with CapitaLand's quality which is on top of the market, unique layouts thoughtfully designed for rental purpose, De La Sol will successfully attract a lot of high-end tenants, especially foreigners who live and work in Ho Chi Minh. Rental yield in this area is expected to be around 6% per year. And, as mentioned above, Airbnb is also a very good strategy to consider, and can offer even higher return. 

- Capital Appreciation: District 4 has been obviously changing extremely fast and is now becoming one of the most sought after areas in Ho Chi Minh city. As a result, De La Sol will significantly appreciate overtime when new traffic infrastructure is completed and when the community in this area is fully established, the price will go up even more impressively. Property price in District 1 is now from USD 5,500 to USD 7,000 per square meter. Thu Thiem new urban area (District 2), which is called "The Pudong of Saigon", is now priced from USD 4,000 to USD 5,000 per square meter. Thao Dien - the most sought after expats area - is setting its price per sqm from USD 3,000 to USD 4,000. In Binh Thanh district (which also borders District 1), it goes from USD 3,500 to USD 4,500 per sqm. Whereas De La Sol's price starts from only USD 2,900 to USD 3,500 which is still very humble in comparison with these areas.


7. About Developer - CapitaLand

De La Sol is a project that Capitaland has acquired and developed in 2018.

Capitaland is a leading brand in Vietnam as well as in Asia. Capitaland has 40% Singaporean government capital and owns the world's No.1 property management brand - Ascott. As of June 30, 2017, Capitaland's portfolio amounted to SNG 80 billion including residential apartments, offices, commercial centers, serviced apartments, complexes and real estate investment fund (REITs). In Vietnam, Capitaland is one of the few foreign developers joining the market since early 2006. And after 12 years CapitaLand has brought to the market many successful large-scale projects with the best quality and service.

8. De La Sol - Project details and Updates on Sales progress

Project scale:

  • Size: 1,45 ha

  • No.of floor: 23 floor
  • No. of tower: 
3 towers

  • First launching: Alto Tower- 482 units

  • Estimated handover time: Q4/2020

Unit type:

  • 1 bedroom: ~ 60sqm

  • 2 bedroom: ~ 72-78sqm

  • 2 bedroom duo: ~ 84sqm

  • 3 bedroom: ~93 sqm

  • 3 bedroom duo: ~ 100sqm

  • 3 bedroom trio: ~ 86sqm

  • Penthouse    

Launching progress:

  • Opening for Refundable booking: VND 100,000,000/ booking/ customer (approx.USD 4,400).
  • Not allowed to change the name of buyer from Booking form to Deposit form.

Flexible Payment:

  • 2018: 10% ( sign Deposit Agreement)

  • 2019 - Q4/2020: 40%

  • Handover date: 45%

  • Pink Book: 5%

Sales Promotions in the first launch:

  • Discount: 6% for foreigners buying under Long Term Lease
  • Selling price/ Gross Floor Area: VND 61mil/ sqm (approx.USD 2,700)

  • Selling price/ Net Floor Area: VND 68mil/ sqm (approx.USD 3,000)

Estimated selling price for unit:

  • 1 bedroom: VND 4,2 Bil (approx. USD 185,000)
  • 2 bedrooms: VND 5 Bil (approx. USD 220,000)

  • 2 bedrooms duo: VND 6 Bil (approx. USD 265,000) 

  • 3 bedrooms: VND 6 Bil (approx. USD 265,000) 

  • 3 bedrooms duo: VND 7 Bil (approx. USD 300,000) 

  • 3 bedrooms trio: VND 6,5 Bil (approx. USD 285,000)