Cove Residence (Empire City)

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Cove Residence (Empire City)

Cove Residence (Empire City)

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Project Location

Cove Residence (Empire City)
Cove Residences in Empire City
Cove Residence (Empire City)
The Red one is Cove Residence

Number of Units:
There are 136 units. 
Number of blocks and Height:
There are 2 residential blocks in Cove Residences comprised of Tower 1 and Tower 2. They are high 16 storeys with common/mutual 2 story basement.
Unit size:
2 Bed: from 83 m2 to 101 m2.
3 Bed Small: from 135 to 157 m2.
3Bed Large: from 158 to 185 m2.
4 Bedrooms: 212 – 228 m2.
Duplexes: from 235 m2 to 259 m2.
Penthouses: 407 & 439 m2

Facility Within
All facilities are in the 5th floor, including:
- Sauna/Changing Room
- Walkway
- Gym
- Yoga/Multifunctional Room
- Yoga Deck
- Water Play Area
- Kids Playground
- Forest walk
- Pavilion
- Bridge Walkway
- Sunset Terrace
- Outdoor café
- Pool Deck
- Jacuzzi
- Kids Play Pool
- 50 meter Lap Pool (heated salt water pool)

Cove Residence (Empire City)
Lobby Lounge
Cove Residence (Empire City)
Swimming Pool

Cove Residence (Empire City)

Cove Residence (Empire City)
Cove Residence (Empire City)

Number of Lifts
For those with private lift lobby, we have 2 passenger lifts and 1 cargo lift. For those with common lift lobby, we will have 5 passenger lifts and 2 cargo lift (Level 5 and lower level)

Distance between towers
From Tower 1 to Tower 2: 25 m.
From Tower 1 to Duplex: 17m đến 23m

Location of reception lounge?
There are 3 reception lounges. They are 2 reception lounges at the lobby of each tower.
Management Company
EC will manage and operate Cove Residences. The M&O fee is about $ 1.8 US per square meter (exclude VAT) based on inner wall area measurement.
Car Parking Lot
The Developer may provide 2 car park lots per unit (Ratio 2:1) for unit from 3BED . It is noted that car parking belongs to developer and the buyer shall rent from Developer. In the event that buyer wished to have reserved lot, they can pay extra for the reserved lot. Otherwise, parking shall by on first come first serve basis.
There are 2 basements for parking lot. There are also visitor parking lot.


Facilities Fee
All the facilities are free for residents and there is free zone for each unit at reception counter (Commercial refrigerator). However, there will be a charge for cleaning fee for entertainment or function room for party.
Swimming Pool’s Speciality
 50 m lap pool with heated salt and underwater music.


Handover Provision and Terms
The apartments are handed over in fully finished condition which provision of conceal air conditioners in living room and air conditioner in bedrooms, floorings, cooking cooker, hood/hob, oven, basic smart-home system and full fully –equipped bathroom complete with drawer below counter and wardrobe in bedroom. From 3 - 4 bedroom units have two kitchens: dry kitchen and wet kitchen, closet, bathtub.
There are 2 kinds of fully finished provision: Metropolitan Elegance and Local Zen.
Cove Residences is expected to be hand over by Q.III/2021.


Cove Residence (Empire City)
Metropolitan Elegance

Cove Residence (Empire City)
Local Zen

Apartment ceiling height
Ceiling height is 3.1 m from floor to RC ceiling for general areas. For bathrooms and part of the kitchen, the ceiling will be lower.
Duplex ceiling height
3.7m and 3.1m on upper floor. For bathrooms and part of the kitchen, the ceiling will be lower.
Apartment Floor Number
Tower 1: from 5th F to 15th F
Tower 2: from 2rd to 15thF
Duplex: 1stF to 4thF

Balcony depth and length
Towards 3 bedroom: 2 balcony 1.2m wide and 1.5m wide
Towards 4 bedroom: 2 balcony 1.5m wide and 1.2m wide

Garbage System
Garbage Chute Systems.
Fire protection system
 Each unit is equipped with heat/ smoke detector and sprinkler according to the Authority requirement.
M&O fee for garden and swimming pool
Clients have to pay M&O fee for garden and swimming pool.
Water heater and mixers system
We have water heater and mixers in the bathrooms and kitchen.
The A/C ledge
The A/C ledge is included in 2BR & 3BR & Penthouse unit areas

Natural ventilation
There is natural ventilation at the lobby of each floor.
Power backup generator
100% back-up for all units as well as common areas.
Distance from MU11 to MU8
Distance from Cove Residences to Thu Thiem 3 Bridge
Distance between Tower 2 in Cove Residence to Thu Thiem Bridge No.3 is 24m

Besides VAT & M&O, other charges that buyers need to pay
Buyers have to pay the Maintenance fee equivalent 2% of purchase price and 0.5% of purchase price to Government for registration fee ( according to the law of SRVN currently). Sales and purchase agreement will provide further information.

Contracts in purchasing the property
Buyer will first sign the Deposit Agreement and sign Sales & Purchase Agreement upon completion of foundation of the apartment.

Banks which the Developer will cooperate with
At the moment, we have cooperated with Vietinbank to provide home loan for our customers. We are continuing to work with other banks to widen the financing options with most attractive rates for customers.

Reach me at my Whatsapp: +84903858043 or if you need further information about this property.